Discussing Disney……Is Giroux a Man or a Mouse?

I grew up a Disney fan and I felt as if I knew Walt personally. In fact I’m part of the Disney Culture that Giroux discusses, but I  do agree with some of his opinions. There is indeed a Disney brand, a Disney look and even a Disney attitude played out in the parks.

But the magic of Disney that I grew up with was focused on traditional values and patriotism. These were Walt’s own values and hopes for American society. 

 Snow white, Cinderella and the  tearjerker Bambi are all great examples of the good versus bad theme that’s played out in the hardship and romance of the main characters.

In the 90’s the newer variety of Disney princess movies appeared and yes Giroux’s points about the sexualizing of body types is spot on. These new princesses are still driven to just get a man.  Not the healthiest theme, I agree. However while I do disapprove of Pocahontas’ questionable storyline and her scanty outfit, it is hard not to find these movies entertaining.

Giroux is a little too hard on Disney and maybe just a little too serious.

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