Glad to see you….

This is me, saying hello and talking about me. I am a senior, kind of a time traveler since I bounced from the 1900’s to get here. Rather appropriate since I am majoring in Historic Preservation and my discipline is archaeology. I am married and have 6 kids. I have also worked as a singer and an actress, but would gladly trade in my microphone for my trowel now.

I am usually very intimidated by digital technology, but so far so good. I have made it a point to keep away from most social media because I feel like it creates too much group think. I don’t mean to appear old fashioned, as I am pretty old compared to my classmates, but I think the world is getting crazy enough and boundaries are being pushed and pulled until confusion seems to reign. So I feel it is important to hold on to my own opinion. I think that our opinions, like our names, are worth something and perhaps sharing too much with strangers cheapens them. That is my philosophy right now, but I am guessing this class may change that.

To add to my bio; I have 4 little dogs and am caring for my mother’s gigantic and lovable German Shepard as well.